The Guilt Trip

“I suggest that you opt for products with less chemicals, blow dry once in a while and stay away from hair spa traps” said no hairstylist ever.  Every trip made to a salon, either guilty or obligatory, has to leave you feeling a little insecure about your hair or skin. If it did not, then... Continue Reading →


Bazaar of Abandoned Memories

Looking back at the person that I used to be, I can safely declare that these days I am less judgemental about people and second-hand books. The former still find ways and means to stifle my kindness towards them but the latter will and forever be better than most people I know. I had written... Continue Reading →


A thin blanket of snow covered the roof-tops of King’s Landing. The fabled winter failed to squash the spirit of the kingdom dwellers who had gathered in the city square to watch their queen’s execution. A hush fell over the mumbling crowd when Cersei Lannister was dragged handcuffed to the scaffold. Even in her last... Continue Reading →


Smoke bellows up a chimney, specks of commuters make scurried movements on winding paths, skyscrapers stand still and the clouds float aimlessly from one place to another. As I stand 400 feet above ground level and survey the scenic beauty of a city that I am an aboriginal of, a sense of calm washes over,... Continue Reading →

Sorry Parveen

I have lived for 34 years in Malleswaram and having moved three houses, the only dwelling that I fondly remember is the first one. The memories of 8th Cross, Mariamma Temple Street makes me nostalgic and melancholic at the same time. A long bustling slope filled with people from different backgrounds and communities was what... Continue Reading →

Keeping Scores

To score or not to score has never been a daunting question to me. Preferences being clear I boldly venture into the open terrain sniffing for a prospective prey and once it's spotted, I set myself on a long journey to engage explore and evaluate the aftertaste it might leave on my taste buds. Does... Continue Reading →

Men, Women & Nepotism

It’s no surprise that I find myself writing about the IIFA fiasco churned to perfection by two of the most ‘eminent’ personalities who represent the crème de la crème of a society that bathes in glitz and glamour. Bloggers, journalists, feminists and social media activists have come together to defend a woman for she unabashedly... Continue Reading →

I am a Doordarshan Girl. You?

Whenever someone asks my age, I tell them that I am a Doordarshan kid and I am old enough to have witnessed a metamorphosis and evolution in entertainment. Asking a woman her age is bad enough but once they get an answer of this kind, I am usually cornered with no questions at all. Battle... Continue Reading →

Human or Machine?

One of the most powerful statements that I came across while watching ‘The Imitation Game’ had something to do with machines. According to Alan Turing “A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human”.  Pondering about the same after the movie, I cast a... Continue Reading →

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