Smoke bellows up a chimney, specks of commuters make scurried movements on winding paths, skyscrapers stand still and the clouds float aimlessly from one place to another. As I stand 400 feet above ground level and survey the scenic beauty of a city that I am an aboriginal of, a sense of calm washes over,... Continue Reading →


Sorry Parveen

I have lived for 34 years in Malleswaram and having moved three houses, the only dwelling that I fondly remember is the first one. The memories of 8th Cross, Mariamma Temple Street makes me nostalgic and melancholic at the same time. A long bustling slope filled with people from different backgrounds and communities was what... Continue Reading →

Keeping Scores

To score or not to score has never been a daunting question to me. Preferences being clear I boldly venture into the open terrain sniffing for a prospective prey and once it's spotted, I set myself on a long journey to engage explore and evaluate the aftertaste it might leave on my taste buds. Does... Continue Reading →

Men, Women & Nepotism

It’s no surprise that I find myself writing about the IIFA fiasco churned to perfection by two of the most ‘eminent’ personalities who represent the crème de la crème of a society that bathes in glitz and glamour. Bloggers, journalists, feminists and social media activists have come together to defend a woman for she unabashedly... Continue Reading →

I am a Doordarshan Girl. You?

Whenever someone asks my age, I tell them that I am a Doordarshan kid and I am old enough to have witnessed a metamorphosis and evolution in entertainment. Asking a woman her age is bad enough but once they get an answer of this kind, I am usually cornered with no questions at all. Battle... Continue Reading →

Human or Machine?

One of the most powerful statements that I came across while watching ‘The Imitation Game’ had something to do with machines. According to Alan Turing “A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human”.  Pondering about the same after the movie, I cast a... Continue Reading →

The Malleswaram I saw today!

Well into the thirty third year of my life, I can now claim that having been a green card holder of Malleswaram, I have never ever lived in a calm residential area.  A visit to my relatives as a child would unfold into stealing a glimpse at the dwellings of people who lived away from... Continue Reading →

An Ode to HMT

“It says willing or not. What do I opt for?” asked my mother, a mere 18 year old girl, to her brother who had accompanied her to the employment exchange. “Not means no. Negative. So say yes. Choose Willing” was his advice to her and perhaps the most valuable one that he has ever doled... Continue Reading →

The Mandi called Marriage

Before you married couples -new or not - shoot daggers at me over the title, hear me out. I have nothing against this institution and am a firm believer that one shouldn’t enter it if one is not sure or ‘sorted’ about the path one has to take in life. Having said that I shall... Continue Reading →

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